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Join PBS every week for “Think Wednesdays,” a primetime line-up of nature, science and technology programs. “Think Wednesday” launches at 8 p.m. on April 9 with PBS’ long-running series NATURE, the highest-rated nature series on television, presenting the best in original, natural history filmmaking. New episodes highlight animal prosthetics, Japanese snow monkeys and wild mule deer. At 9 p.m., NOVA, the highest-rated science series on television and the most-watched documentary series on public television, premieres the three-part “Inside Animal Minds,” which explores breakthroughs in the revolutionary science of animal cognition, focusing on three iconic creatures — birds, dogs and dolphins. At 10 p.m., see the premiere of the new three-part series YOUR INNER FISH and discover how the human body became the complicated, quirky and amazing machine it is today. Hosted and based on the best-selling book by paleobiologist Neil Shubin, YOUR INNER FISH is produced by Tangled Bank Studios in collaboration with the award-winning production company Windfall Films. #pbsTHINKday

NATURE “My Bionic Pet”

Meet inspiring disabled animals and remarkable individuals who help them persevere and thrive.

NOVA “Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius”

Search for the secrets of problem-solving bird brains.

YOUR INNER FISH “Your Inner Fish”

See how the genetic legacy of a fish can be seen today in our own DNA.

NATURE “Touching the Wild”

Join Joe Hutto as he crosses the species divide and becomes part of a wild mule deer family.

NOVA “Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses”

Find out what it’s like to be a dog, a shark or a bird.

YOUR INNER FISH “Your Inner Reptile”

Learn which parts of our bodies we’ve inherited from our reptilian ancestors.

NATURE “Snow Monkeys”

Follow a troop of snow monkeys in Japan to see how they prepare to face the world.

NOVA “Inside Animal Minds: Who’s the Smartest”

Investigate the social lives of some of the smartest animals on the planet.

YOUR INNER FISH “Your Inner Monkey”

Find out which beneficial traits — and some not so useful — our primate progenitors bequeathed us.

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